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A Mother, Wife, Supporter, Councillor, Beautiful Woman

Cherry wears many hats, just like most women and she gives her all to each everyday. So when she booked a photo shoot with us to celebrate her upcoming 40th anniversary with her husband, it was a little time to herself that hadn't happened in years. 

The most extraordinary part of my job is to give ladies the attention that they deserve but don't always receive. A moment of pampering, a few hours of allowing them to be the centre of attention. A day to be themselves without having to worry about everything else thats happening around them. To show them it's ok to be the most beautiful woman in the room. Because they deserve it, because you deserve it.

Women's Lifestyle Expo

We are so excited to be part of the Women's Lifestyle Expo coming to Whangarei on August 6&7.  Two days of all things fun, fabulous and feminine, think the 'girls day out' comes to Northland.

You'll find us at BOOTH 14, looking amazing and spreading the word that every woman deserves to have beautiful portraits of themselves that they love and can share them with the ones they love. 

To announce this amazing upcoming event we are giving away a double entry every week for a month, so you can come along, find out more about what we can do for you, have an amazing day & check out the other hundred booths there. 
Winter is the time when it's so easy to hibernate, we want you to shake yourself up, remind you your amazing and say to yourself I'm worth it! Enter at

Every week between now and July 22nd we will be giving away a double pass to the
Women's Lifestyle Expo.

We are banishing the 'not good enough' mentality with our 'BECAUSE I'M WORTH IT' month of giveaways and will be culminating in an amazing competition at the end of the month.

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