There is nothing more special than the love a daughter has for her mother

There is nothing more special than the love a daughter has for her mother, she is the one we look to for support, inspiration and love through-out our lives.
This time last week the gorgeous sisters Rachel and Ashley surprised their mother Liz for her birthday. And it was so much fun pampering them with in studio hair and make up, followed by multiple outfits and poses. The three of you are so different yet so similar, I loved photographing you all and I can't wait to show you the rest :)

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To put an extra spring in her step.

On Saturday the beautiful mother of three, Krystle booked herself into the studio to celebrate after completing a 12 week challenge by Maria Clark Personal Training

I love showing each woman who walks through my studio door that they are beautiful now, that they could grace the cover of any magazine, that they are enough. And I loved doing that for Krystle, for someone who is confident in herself already it was our pleasure to put an extra spring in her step.

"For beauty is the way you hold yourself. It's how you treat people. They way you love. It's self acceptance. Beauty is in your soul."

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To have captured the romance and love you share

On Friday we spent the day with the elegant Ngaire and her husband Doug, who spoilt and surprised her for her birthday by organising an amazing photoshoot with us. 
Their love is something to really aspire to; from the honest words of encouragement, to welling up when seeing each others transformations, to the laughs that rose from their soul while just enjoying the moment together. 
Thank you so much to each of you for allowing us to create something magical for you, I'm so proud to have captured the romance and love you share x

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A glamour shoot in an amazing destination

The effervescent and vivacious Tracey meet me in Queenstown to create a photoshoot that was second to none. 
Months ago we started planing a dream shoot tailored to what Tracey had always dreamed of doing; how about taking a helicopter to the top of the mountain and be photographed in a dress handmade from a parachute!
As someone who is full of life and has a love of adrenaline, we decided this trip should be nothing short of epic. 
I can't believe I got to spend the day with this amazing woman and help her tick off a goal on her bucket list.

If you have ever dreamed of a glamour shoot in an amazing destination, just like Tracey did, contact me I'd love to hear your ideas :)

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Dedication and Commitment

Yesterday the powerhouse duo of Mandie and Siobhan were in the studio to share an amazing photoshoot experience together as friends. We created mostly individual portraits, some physique, some dressy, some sensual and with one group shoot too. 
These ladies are so inspiring when it comes to fitness and strength, both are steadfastly training for their body-building competition happening this weekend. The dedication and commitment to something that requires this level of devotion is incredibly motivating. To help them capture who they are in this stage of life is something I am so proud to be part of.
I wish you both the best for your event, you both deserve to win.

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A long awaited new smile

The beautiful, quiet yet self-assured and incredibly talented Lhasa was in the studio yesterday. Celebrating her upcoming birthday and her long awaited new smile (like her I also had braces as a teen), it was time for us to treat her like a model for a day. 
It is hard to believe that Lhasa is such a powerhouse being a classically trained singer who has been preforming for almost a decade. I am so excited to share with you the rest of your images, I know your parents will be blown away :)

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Sue Bryce Photographer workshop

Today I got to capture beautiful portraits of gorgeous and super friendly girls under the supervision of other incredible photographers. At the @queenstownheritagehotel for the Sue Bryce Photographer workshop. Now to take these new skills home and make the women of Whangarei look and feel even more fantastic ❤️ @ Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand

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I am so proud of this image titled “Kintsukuroi” or “Kintsugi”. It has so many meanings to so many people. Entered in the portrait open category at the @nzipp_national #irisawards2018 where it won a Bronze award and was the highest scoring print I entered. Thank you to my brave, inspiring and beautiful souled model. You have given so many people strength to see the beauty in their unique history. ❤️🥉☺️ @ Shed 6

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Award Winning Photographer

This year I have been challenging myself to be bigger and better. To enter the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers annual print competition. And I am so excited to say this beautiful piece was awarded a Bronze Award 🥉 stay tuned for the rest of the results...

a timeless image of her incredible mother, the most beautiful woman she will ever know

On Friday the elegant and super cute mother daughter duo of Laurel and Ayla visited us in the studio to create timeless portraits. Half way through nana Mary joined as well to make it three generations of beautiful ladies.
I absolutely love this image; it embodies their love and joy for each other. Relaxing in ball gowns, quietly gorgeous and with a big smile from ear to ear. The fun and laughter these lovely girls share is so wonderful to be around.
One day when Ayla is grown, I know she will look to this photo as a timeless image of her incredible mother, the most beautiful woman she will ever know.

Hanging in pride of place

Yesterday the bubbly, beautiful and ever optimistic Kathy booked herself into the studio for some glamour time. To say she was organised and excited is an under-statement. She came ready with a new (and completely jaw-dropping) gown, sparkling jewellery, fresh hair cut and everything else you could ever think of to ensure her day was perfect. 
To capture this beautiful woman as she is now and to create an heirloom that will hang in pride of place in her new home is such an honour. Thank you Kathy, for letting me photograph you. You are the epitome of elegance and intelligence all bundled up in one amazing lady.

just in case the travel bug returns and her bubbly daughter is off to another far away country

On Saturday the gorgeous and self-confessed camera shy, mother daughter duo of Niki and Kelsey came into the studio.
With Kelsey in the UK for the last few years on her big OE it was super important to Niki to capture beautiful portraits of them together, just in case the travel bug returns and her bubbly daughter is off to another far away country. 
It was such a pleasure to photograph the two of you, the love and laughter you share is contagious. Where-ever life's adventure takes you I know these images will mean the world.

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she will teach you both to fly

"Don't ask for her to be a rock for you to lean upon instead, build her wings and point her to the sky and she will teach you both to fly." - Atticus

Madelaine is both a super supportive person and whole heartedly inspirational. While photographing her yesterday, she told us that she's a mother, dairy farmer, calf raiser, 
shoe-aholic and she's also just completed a 12week challenge with Maria Clark Personal Training. Talk about wonder woman.

It was such a pleasure to photograph you Madelaine, to capture that ever present smile and the never-ending optimism was an incredible thing.

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The results just take my breath away

Yesterday the gorgeous family of Michelle, Tayla, Nicole and Ashley came into the studio to capture something special with us. 
Michelle wanted to capture her incredible girls in a unique way, something timeless and emotive. This truly is the style that I love the most, simple beauty. No need for frills, it's all about her family and the their connection. We started with hair and make up for all, then wrapped them in fabric both black and then a champagne colour. And the results just take my breath away, each girl an individual but part of a family that's truly loving.

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So different but so similar

The incredibly beautiful three generation trio of Megan, Heather and Jonai were in the studio on Friday. For a fun day together, fill of laughs and shenanigans. And most importantly creating images that they are proud of, to hang on the wall now and pass on to the following generations.
These gorgeous ladies remind me so much of my own family, the jokes, funny face pulling and teasing, but at the heart always love. Each one so different but so similar, I know that theses portraits will be cherished in their family for decades.
Jonai will pass this photo onto her own grandchildren one day.

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Four generations of love and fun

These four gorgeous lady's visited us in the studio yesterday, four generations of love and fun. It is such a beautiful thing to capture families together. Life can change quickly loved ones come and go, and little ones grow up.

They all have such a wonderful smile; Rachel, Doris, Alicia and Larelle. It was such a pleasure to photograph you and create images that I know will be passed down for generations to come.

Pro Tip; Think Textures

When your thinking about what to wear for your photo shoot think about textures. 
Like lace, shear fabrics, sequins, chunky knits, embossed or shiny fabric, even velvet looks incredible when photographed. This simple tip will add interest and a look of luxury to your images. For the gorgeous Rachel and Howard we choose dark colours to compliment the dark background and lace to add a touch of something extra special.

To Capture this Time of My Life!

The beautiful Sharon had her shoot with us this week and I just loved watching her spirit transform. 
Having your photo taken can be a nerve racking experince but when you see the back of the camera and how gorgeous you really are it is something special. 
Thank you Sharon for letting me show you that you are breathtaking as always!

If you love those close to you, show them while you can.

On Wednesday the beautiful trio of Andrea, Jo and mum Sheryl came into the studio to have some extra pampering and spend time together. Not to mention create some gorgeous portraits!
It was so much fun, these three ladies are a bundle of happy energy just bursting out. My checks ached from laughing so hard. This is just one of the many incredible images we captured together. 
#iloveyoumum #mothersanddaughters #lifesgood

One day these portraits will be priceless.

I love photographing mothers and daughters of all ages, to give them a days escape and pampering. Not to mention showing them how beautiful they are and seeing just how special they are to each other. 
Penny and Lily visited us on Friday to celebrate a birthday but also create the first professional portraits they have ever had. Having lost her mother recently it was bitter sweet for Penny, to know that she won't be able to have any more images with her own mother but so grateful that her own daughter will have beautiful portraits that she will inherit.

I know one day when we are no longer here these portraits will be priceless to her.