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Amazing Grace

This beautiful lady came into the studio to gift herself a photoshoot for her 75th birthday. Grace was such a lovely client and now friend, it is amazing just to sit and listen to all her stories; places she's been, people she loves, the amazing spark she has for life. Thank you Grace for allowing me to capture your elegance, beauty and smile.

A Mother, Wife, Supporter, Councillor, Beautiful Woman

Cherry wears many hats, just like most women and she gives her all to each everyday. So when she booked a photo shoot with us to celebrate her upcoming 40th anniversary with her husband, it was a little time to herself that hadn't happened in years. 

The most extraordinary part of my job is to give ladies the attention that they deserve but don't always receive. A moment of pampering, a few hours of allowing them to be the centre of attention. A day to be themselves without having to worry about everything else thats happening around them. To show them it's ok to be the most beautiful woman in the room. Because they deserve it, because you deserve it.

I'm releasing beautiful new products in Jan 2017

It's time to re-invent ourselves, we're going super luxe and glaming it up. I have sourced some of the most beautiful new products to bring to you, my incredible clients. Released Jan 2017.
All folio boxes are being upgraded to the 'Black asahi silk bound clamshell with a ribbon closure' and I will be offering add-ons including; vintage and standard framing, duplicates and custom cards.
A few more pieces of the puzzle to put into place but I can't wait to show you them in person xx
Which one do you like most?

What I find myself doing in my downtime... creating more beautiful

Confessions of an obsessive compulsive creative.  
Last week I found some beautiful, albeit dusty, cream faux flowers at a second hand store. And I dug out an old empty ink cartridge, broke it open, added it to a bowl of water. And started dipping. 5min and some pink stained fingers later, their looking fantastic.  
I can't wait until I can use them as a head-dress or shoulder piece or even pinned to an outfit. I simply love transforming things :)

How do you dream of being photographed?

Do you imagine being part of your favourite drama, stepping out of the cover of a magazine or look like the celebrities you follow? 

Tell me how you dream of bring photographed and together we'll style an amazing experience that you'll love. You will take home an incredible portfolio of the best photos you have ever seen of yourself; to have, hold and pass on for generations. Every time you feel less than enough, you will look to yourself, your images and see your power, beauty & worth. A great image of yourself is priceless and can give you more than words can explain.
I would love to do this for you, call me to start the journey that will show you your beautiful. 

For you..

I have spent along time thinking about what I want to do for you, what I can provide that no-one else does, what I want every woman in the world to know. 

And so I have published my promise, that I will create the best photos you have ever seen of yourself, and together we will find your beautiful. Becouse your worth it :)

Confessions of an obsessive compulsive creative

I am obsessive, I am compulsive and I love to create everything, you name it I've made it, deconstructed it or it's in the pile of plans that are unfinished.  This weekend I found an awesome foot stool at the local hospice shop, gorgeous Queen Anne legs and old fashioned green fabric. I took it home and the creative in me, grabbed the closest pot of white paint and next minute it had 4 coats and started looking amazing! 

I have a small love affair with furniture, especially when I can use it in my portraits. And just last week a client came in to plan her dream photo shoot, she wanted to style it very victorian. I can't wait to photograph her and use this dainty little stool in the session!

Will Your Prints Last a Lifetime?

Images spark memories of the ones we love and those we’ve lost.

Everyone who has ever lost a loved one will tell that their portraits, snap shots and photographs are the most important, if not only thing they have left of that person. 

They are priceless reminders that start stories, bring tears and share memories of everything they meant to us. Photographs are important and need to outlast us; to hand onto those that we leave behind, our children, grandchildren and future generations.

With the rise of mass produced digital prints, so many photographs produced today don’t last more than five years let alone a lifetime. Too many people go to look at their photos for memories only to find them faded, peeling or cracked. Poor quality, budget products (papers and inks) result in cheap photographs that aren’t going to last as long as you want them too. This is a sad truth, but many of the fast-turn around kiosk printing stations use cheap products in order to offer you a cheap price point. 

I believe that this is just not good enough. As a professional photographer I have searched far and wide to find the best products to ensure your portraits last. We currently use to print all our portraits, ensuring they come with the archival label. The term Archival is used to refer to anything that is rated to last in excess of 75yrs. As one of my clients you deserve Museum Quality, you deserve to know that your professional portraits will outlast you.

Researching the best suppliers and ensuring they give the best quality means that I can personally guarantee all our prints, folio boxes and even our packaging will last a lifetime. 

If anything you receive from us does not live up to this lifetime guarantee we will replace it no questions asked.

Professional Service, Professional Quality, Always.

It's the little things...

I am so excited, letting out little squeals, talking way too much about it! This week I have been playing with our custom made wax seal stamp. Just for all our gorgeous clients I've been creating beautiful gold seals to package your stunning portraits in. Think charcoal wrapping paper, satin ribbon, tissue and a gorgeous gold seal to top it off. Now your prints will be as gorgeous outside as in.