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Strength & Beauty

It's here, the incredible 'Strength and Beauty" a 2017 Calendar by Breast Cancer Support Northland Trust and Sarahlee Studio. A heart warming collaboration between two organisations that work towards aiding women and their loved ones, and bringing them back in touch with themselves.

Article courtesy of Northern Advocate 
"Twelve Northland women have bared their strength and beauty to become calendar girls for Breast Cancer Support Northland Trust. The calendar, called Strength and Beauty and featuring elegant, feminine portraits of women who have all battled and survived breast cancer, will be launched tomorrow. All the women in the calendar are volunteers with the trust.
"Our emphasis is on making these survivors look and feel like the beautiful strong women that they are," chairwoman Melanie Waldron said. "The calendar has been designed to be a resource, not only for women with breast cancer but for all women - as we all have a chance of getting it." Breast Cancer Support provides one-on-one peer support from women with breast cancer, support groups, retreats and financial assistance.
Photographer Sarahlee Cobb came up with the concept, did the shots for free and played a big role in the calendar's design.  "Together with Melanie Waldron, we played with different ideas over styling and designing the shoots," she said. "I sourced the outfits, accessories such as headdresses, overviewed the design and am hosting the launch in my new studio." Ms Cobb said most of the subjects were nervous to begin with but their anxiety soon faded away. "As each image was created in a fine art form to speak 'beauty and strength', the photo shoot was out of the ladies' comfort zone, but I took extra care that every image was elegant, not cheesy. "The best thing to come from it would be not only the fundraising that will come from it but the exposure for Breast Cancer Support Northland Trust and the amazing work they do."
One of the women, Jackie Howe, said the images showed the women had "continued on, and this is to show a positive side of living with or after breast cancer". Finished in time to mark the end of the October national breast cancer awareness month, the calendar comes with information about the signs women should watch for, and lists community and medical services. Available at New World Regent and Sportsman's Choice, Vine St."
By Lindy Laird

This was my chance to give forward to a cause that everyone is affected by, an opportunity to be very creative and get to meet 12 incredible local ladies. I hope you love this collection as much as we do. 
We wanted to create a calendar that we as much about a beautiful piece to hang on the wall as it is about the BCST. Perfect for gifts for Christmas; for friends, family and loved ones. 
By yours from Regent New World & Sportsman's Choice.

Strength and Beauty

I loved loved loved working with these beautiful ladies, not only becouse like so many my family has been affected by cancer. But as an artist to do something extra creative and outside the box makes my heart sing. :.)Launch party Friday the 28th here at the studio, time 5pm


Breast Cancer Support Northland Trust

October 12 at 7:52pm · 

We are proud to announce that our very first calendar is nearly is a sneak peak!!
This has been created in collaboration with Sarahlee Studio,...

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Women's Lifestyle Expo

We are so excited to be part of the Women's Lifestyle Expo coming to Whangarei on August 6&7.  Two days of all things fun, fabulous and feminine, think the 'girls day out' comes to Northland.

You'll find us at BOOTH 14, looking amazing and spreading the word that every woman deserves to have beautiful portraits of themselves that they love and can share them with the ones they love. 

To announce this amazing upcoming event we are giving away a double entry every week for a month, so you can come along, find out more about what we can do for you, have an amazing day & check out the other hundred booths there. 
Winter is the time when it's so easy to hibernate, we want you to shake yourself up, remind you your amazing and say to yourself I'm worth it! Enter at

Every week between now and July 22nd we will be giving away a double pass to the
Women's Lifestyle Expo.

We are banishing the 'not good enough' mentality with our 'BECAUSE I'M WORTH IT' month of giveaways and will be culminating in an amazing competition at the end of the month.

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Transformed by Signature

Last month we partnered with Signature Hair Design and Aurora Beauty, to transform a worthy women who spends her time helping others and doesn't think of herself often.

Here is the letter that her daughter sent in that won them this amazing experience...
"My mum Wendy Arman is a superwoman. She raised me on her own and is now working voluntarily at the maunu garden project which supplies the salvation army food bank with fresh veges and eggs ( though no eggs anymore as her large group of chooks were savaged by a dog a couple of weeks ago and are no longer with us....something that was very upsetting to her as she cared for them for over 3 years) she works tirelessly planting, weeding, watering, harvesting and delivering the veges primarily on her own as other volunteers have moved on. when the gardens first started mum and her friend had the funding to take in at risk youth and teach them horticulture and life skills. even though she was threatened by a youth wieilding a knife and kids that had serious Issues with anger etc she embraced the role and had quite a few success stories even today 3 or 4 years on she still gets ex students telling her how much she helped them in their time of need and gave them a good path to follow.She also has a group from ideas services every wednesday whom she teaches to garden and cook with the produce and a group of people on P.D every friday who do their communty service by helping her. shes an amazing person with a big heart and such a help with her 2 grandchildren. I couldnt ask for a better mum or role model. because she works in a graden by herself she doesnt really get the time to pamper herself so she i think she deserves to feel like a princess and less like a turnip"

p.s. we loved their story so much we extended their package to both her daughter and cute little grand-daughter too.

Bring Glamour Back. Spreading the word on glamour photography. Speaking.

A little while ago I announced that I (with the help of some amazing supporters) am  bringing glamour back, back to the women in Whangarei and greater Northland.

To spread the word that everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful, in her own way. To let all women know that perfect is in the heart and not in the mirror, the practice of self-acceptance and self-love.

My biggest driver in starting Sarahlee Studio 3years ago was to reach out to everyday women and show them that they too can look like the celebrities that we see in magazines and TV. I want all my clients to know they are beautiful. I never want anyone to think to herself that they will never be as good as, not pretty enough, skinny enough or young enough. Or that they’ll never take a good photo.

So I am reaching out to people and organisations to start speaking, spread information. To educate people on how to pose yourself, stand in-front of the camera comfortably and what to do if you are the one behind the camera. The first part of these is the blog-series I’ve done called “Your Guide to Being Photogenic”.

I love helping people find confidence and through that have better photos of them.  In past lives I have done public speaking as part of a job in tourism, as scary as standing in front of a few hundred people is, I’m still keen to get back out there and do more.

But more than just speaking I want to reach out and help more people than I am right now, to partner with more women based organisations and give people confidence and understanding by learning more.

Call or email me to chat about how I can help you, and feature in your next meeting. And spread the word on self-confidence and looking good in front of the camera. I would love to hear from you
Bringing Glamour Back

We are so proud to announce our partnership with Red Ruby Luxury Fashion Boutique to Bring Glamour Back! 
Every woman, all ages and backgrounds deserve to get dressed up and look glamorous, because we know when you look beautiful you feel beautiful.
In the next few months you'll start to see some of our gorgeous portraits popping up amongst their fabulous outfits. We will be showcasing their beautiful clients in the incredible outfits from Red Ruby. 
To kick start this cause that is near and dear to my heart, you will soon see the below image of Red Ruby's owner Anne in pride of place.