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"Thank you so much!

"Thank you so much!
If I could share with you the 60+ comments on Facebook about the photo you took of me I would.
Not to mention those who have been to my website...
People are telling me I look gorgeous and elegant and beautiful and the adjectives just keep coming.
I loved the experience. You made me feel relaxed and like the whole experience of having my photos done a lot of fun.
You lived up to your title of Inner Beauty Ambassador.
I will definitely come and see you again when I need photos done."

Career Coach and Mentor

Live like there is no midnight....

This incredible lady is Carolyn, Mary K consultant and one of my very talented hair & make up girls. I think it's inportant that we all know what it feels like to be in from of the camera. And it meant we could create a new style just for you.

Dance styled with poise, is all about looking like a ballet dancer, long lines and beautiful movements. Whether it's something you did as a girl or you always dreamed of doing...


Outside your comfort zone...

Today we photographed the gorgeous mother/daughter duo of Wendy and Marisa. Not only did they come into celebrate Marisa's 11th birthday with a fabulous girls day out, but also to reconnect with a sense of self and let the confidence out. 

I honestly believe inside every woman is someone who deserves to look and feel like they are walking the red carpet. That in order to find self confidence you have to step outside your comfort zone, to challenge yourself to do something you secretly want to, but are not sure about. It's only when we get on the other side of those challenges that we can say YES we did it.

And these two did it! They did it with style, grace and a little bit of glitz.
Thank you ladies for allowing me to create such beautiful portraits of you xx

Playing Dress Up Never Truly Ends

On Saturday we photographed the stunning Lynda. She came in to capture beauiful photographs of herself because it is something she had never done before. Not only did she bring in an incredible Tribal American Belly Dancing outfit, she also showed us how twirl, spin and shake it like there's no tomorrow :)

Playing dress up begins at five and never truly ends
— Kate Spade
A girl ready to twirl in a beautiful gown...

The relationship that a mother and daughter share is one of the most beautiful things. I love to work with and capture the laughter, smiles and fun each family has. 

Yesterday we meet and photographed Maxine and her daughter Jo. I love each and every session, but when someone tells me they want to wear something sparkly my heart quickens. 

I think theses two are just breath-taking, we maybe been grown up on the outside but inside there is always a girl ready to twirl in a beautiful gown 

I did it too.... (I did the fidgeting, the nervous smile and the fake laugh)

It's feels strange to be the one sitting in front of the camera. Taking direction and smiling sweetly. But I want you to know that I'm so happy I did it, I love this photo. This image alone will pick me when I feel down and in years to come I can look back and say that was me.

That at this point in my life I have smile lines, camera lines (must remember not to squint when shooting), you can see my birthmark, my smirk and my crocked nose. There's the back drop that took me 5 hours and two stiff knees to paint. One single photograph can create so many stories. This is me, as I am today, things will change, I will change. But I know looking back I can say I am PROUD OF WHO I AM. 

Time out for you...

I loved working with this beautiful lady, amazing outfits, gorgeous smile and such a kind heart. Mel is an outstanding business solutions person, but yesterday she took time out for herself (as we all need but don't do often enough). 
And together we created some killer, glamorous, super wow portraits. this is just one of my favourites from your session Mel, I can't wait to show you the rest, especially the black lacy one!

I loved getting back together with my camera; I've had enough boxes, moving, cleaning & sorting things. I love this new space and might just stay here for a while!

A Ray of Sunshine

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to photograph one of the most beautiful, kind hearted, strong, and gracious ladies I have ever meet.

The incredible Kirsty. Months ago her husband contacted me to book a shoot for her birthday but changed his mind, then I meet her at the Womens Lifestyle Expo and she brought a gift voucher from me for herself. 
Not only did we create amazing images of her, but her husband had no idea that she'd actually gone ahead and done it, until she showed him her beautiful prints. 
I love surprises that makes someone smile, and I love the gorgeous sunshine look. Than you Kirsty for such amazing ideas.

Will some people never have a good photo of themselves?

I first meet this incredible lady many months ago, and one of the things she asked me was "will some people never have a good photo of themselves, because I have never liked a photo of me"I hear this regularly and it breaks my heart, everyone deserves to have photos of themselves that make them feel beautiful. A bad photograph is a bad image, not a bad you.

"I promise to take the best photos you have ever seen of yourself" 
it's my guarantee, because you deserve the best...

Thank you Sali Marinkovich Helloworld, (amazing mobile travel agent for HelloWorld) you are gorgeous and I know together we have created stand out professional portraits that show your inner spark.

For you..

I have spent along time thinking about what I want to do for you, what I can provide that no-one else does, what I want every woman in the world to know. 

And so I have published my promise, that I will create the best photos you have ever seen of yourself, and together we will find your beautiful. Becouse your worth it :)

Beautiful Together

Last week we welcomed these beautiful ladies into the studio for an amazing girls day out. I love photographing Mothers & Daughters, the laughter, smiles and love that they share always brightens the studio and is so endearing. And Donna, Sandy and Lauraine were so much fun and talk about great minds think alike, they all had the same colour outfits. Awesome! 

I know you are going to just love your images, when you come back for your reveal!

A Generous Soul

This beautiful woman is Janette, and when she came into the studio we were looking to create not only stand out business portraits but also amazing personal portraits too.  She is a mother, grandmother, avid palates go'er and generous soul. She brought with her a gorgeous blue dress, that looks just amazing on her and the softest white faux fur shrug. She loved her pearl drop earrings, a family heirloom, but like many earnings one was lost. So with a little magic in photo shop we could re-create a full set to complete her image. 
I couldn't believe it when on her way out Janette gifted the beautiful shrug she brought with her to our studio wardrobe. I am so blown away by the kindness of your heart, I promise to take care and return it to you when requested. Thank you Janette, many ladies will now have the opportunity to look as amazing as you in fur.

Standing out from the crowd

I love talking to other women in business, finding out what makes them tick, and how they approach things. This beautiful women showed me how to stand out from the crowd and make sure you get seen as the go to person above everyone else that is doing the same as you.
Debbie from Debbie Oliver-Lloyd Real Estate came in for her professional portraits with all her outfits in a beautiful bright almost neon salmon colour. I love that she was thinking outside the box. Not only is this one of her favourite colours, no other real estate agent markets themselves with this colour, most are in corporate black & blue etc. Thank you Debbie for asking me to create your professional portraits and teaching me that we all need to stand out in this busy market-place :)

The most exciting part...

I love the reveal, the moment when my clients come back into the studio to see their finished images. It's the most exciting part. Sometimes there's tears of joy. Sometimes there's the disbelief of "is that really me?", Sometimes there is just silence as they take in seeing themselves as beautiful and look from one image to the next scanning for their favorited.

So today I would like to share the reveal wall of a shoot I did last year, although my client did her photo shoot by herself, she brought her sister along to view them and help her choose.

I always welcome close friends and family along, it's important to have support and a second opinion when we want one. So if you are coming in for your reveal/viewing make sure those you love come with you !

A genuine smile in four steps…

The most important part of a great photo is a good smile. It’s the first thing people look at when they see your picture and if it’s not quite right or not genuine everyone can tell. Especially when it's you looking at your own photo, because no one knows you like you do. 
This edition we will talk about things to think through when some one says smile, and there are so many types of smiles. 

1.   Relax; most people are intimidated by being in front of the camera, so first things first relax the muscles of your face. This dead-ban look is the start of a good expression.

2.   It’s in the eyes; focus on smiling with your eyes, friendly welcoming, and happy eyes. When you genuinely smile through your eyes you will get ‘crows feet’ wrinkles this is a good thing. It is more important to smile with the eyes than with the mouth, the eyes convey true emotion.

3.   Don’t forget to breath; anytime we become stressed we tend to hold our breath until the photo is taken and then we gasp in fresh air. I don’t have to tell you we need air, it’s an important part of living. But if you hold your breath during a photo, the tension will show on your face and your smile will start to look pained. 

4.   Play; change your smile slowly. Go from no smile to small smile, big grin and even smirking. If you are constantly think about the next smile you not going to over think things. And it stops your cheeks from aching from holding the same expression for hours.

The photos I have shown today are a before and after of a similar smile but focus on the little differences and you’ll see that the type of smile is very different.

All about feeling good...

Today we got to make over and photograph the beautiful, gorgeous and lovely Kim. It was all about feeling good, we all have times where we just want someone to show us that we are everything that we want to be, happy, confident and worthy. Giving people that confidence boost is what I love so much about the experiences and portraits I create.
Thank you Kim for allowing us to capture your inner sunshine and show you how beautiful you really are. I can't wait for you to see the rest!

Before and After

A few weeks ago we got to photograph this island beauty, Ili and her very lovely family came into the studio to create an adult family portrait. Like many people, their family is spread between a different countries and the time they do get to spend together is precious.

I am so excited to show you this beautiful, kind and friendly woman, thank you Ili for allowing me to capture your loved ones and 'find your beautiful'.

Finding Your Beautiful

As people, we want to feel comfortable in our skin, as women we want to feel beautiful. That illusive, euphoric feeling of walking on air, where everyone is admiring you, stopping to say hello and every comment is flattering. Beauty is a strange thing; it means different things to different people, but we all share that desire to have it and hold onto it.

Last week I saw one of the popular videos that have been floating around the internet lately showcasing the “ideal body type throughout history”. It covers the female form from ancient Egypt until today. As I sat there watching our ideals of beauty change through the eras I wondered to myself, “why is the ‘social ideal’ so important that we often limit our happiness by it?”

Disregard social norms (because normal is average and you are so much more than average). Disregard what those around you say, if they have nothing nice to say stop listening. Wear rose tinted glasses, you don’t have to love yourself, just stop hating, you are good enough now. I want you to know that it is the crazy little things that make you truly unique. Every scar is proof that you are stronger than whatever tried to hurt you. Every grey hair is a moment shared with family and friends. Every outfit is a reflection of the character you are today. Your extraordinary laugh, that makes the whole room giggle - these quirks are yours and yours alone.

As a portrait photographer it is my passion to make women feel amazing, to spark every persons hidden personality and show them their own ‘beautiful’. Your beauty is unique to you and no one before or after will ever be the same type of ‘beautiful’ as you, so please hear me, “you are beautiful now”.

Know that is intangible, it’s the sparkle in the smile, the swagger in a walk, the fluttering of eyes at someone special. It’s the secret connection you have with the world: your experiences, your emotions your thoughts. You are greater than your physical appearance: it’s everything you have ever achieved, everything you have seen and everything you want to be. Don’t look back and wish you’d appreciated what you had then, how good you looked or how pretty you really were. You can’t change how you felt in the past but you can change how you feel about yourself now, you have the opportunity for your future self to know you have “found your beautiful” here and now.



From me to you, I want you to know I can help you find your beautiful. I promise you'll take home images that will remind you everyday just how amazing and beautiful you really are :)