A genuine smile in four steps…

The most important part of a great photo is a good smile. It’s the first thing people look at when they see your picture and if it’s not quite right or not genuine everyone can tell. Especially when it's you looking at your own photo, because no one knows you like you do. 
This edition we will talk about things to think through when some one says smile, and there are so many types of smiles. 

1.   Relax; most people are intimidated by being in front of the camera, so first things first relax the muscles of your face. This dead-ban look is the start of a good expression.

2.   It’s in the eyes; focus on smiling with your eyes, friendly welcoming, and happy eyes. When you genuinely smile through your eyes you will get ‘crows feet’ wrinkles this is a good thing. It is more important to smile with the eyes than with the mouth, the eyes convey true emotion.

3.   Don’t forget to breath; anytime we become stressed we tend to hold our breath until the photo is taken and then we gasp in fresh air. I don’t have to tell you we need air, it’s an important part of living. But if you hold your breath during a photo, the tension will show on your face and your smile will start to look pained. 

4.   Play; change your smile slowly. Go from no smile to small smile, big grin and even smirking. If you are constantly think about the next smile you not going to over think things. And it stops your cheeks from aching from holding the same expression for hours.

The photos I have shown today are a before and after of a similar smile but focus on the little differences and you’ll see that the type of smile is very different.