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Transformed by Signature

Last month we partnered with Signature Hair Design and Aurora Beauty, to transform a worthy women who spends her time helping others and doesn't think of herself often.

Here is the letter that her daughter sent in that won them this amazing experience...
"My mum Wendy Arman is a superwoman. She raised me on her own and is now working voluntarily at the maunu garden project which supplies the salvation army food bank with fresh veges and eggs ( though no eggs anymore as her large group of chooks were savaged by a dog a couple of weeks ago and are no longer with us....something that was very upsetting to her as she cared for them for over 3 years) she works tirelessly planting, weeding, watering, harvesting and delivering the veges primarily on her own as other volunteers have moved on. when the gardens first started mum and her friend had the funding to take in at risk youth and teach them horticulture and life skills. even though she was threatened by a youth wieilding a knife and kids that had serious Issues with anger etc she embraced the role and had quite a few success stories even today 3 or 4 years on she still gets ex students telling her how much she helped them in their time of need and gave them a good path to follow.She also has a group from ideas services every wednesday whom she teaches to garden and cook with the produce and a group of people on P.D every friday who do their communty service by helping her. shes an amazing person with a big heart and such a help with her 2 grandchildren. I couldnt ask for a better mum or role model. because she works in a graden by herself she doesnt really get the time to pamper herself so she i think she deserves to feel like a princess and less like a turnip"

p.s. we loved their story so much we extended their package to both her daughter and cute little grand-daughter too.