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Bring Glamour Back. Spreading the word on glamour photography. Speaking.

A little while ago I announced that I (with the help of some amazing supporters) am  bringing glamour back, back to the women in Whangarei and greater Northland.

To spread the word that everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful, in her own way. To let all women know that perfect is in the heart and not in the mirror, the practice of self-acceptance and self-love.

My biggest driver in starting Sarahlee Studio 3years ago was to reach out to everyday women and show them that they too can look like the celebrities that we see in magazines and TV. I want all my clients to know they are beautiful. I never want anyone to think to herself that they will never be as good as, not pretty enough, skinny enough or young enough. Or that they’ll never take a good photo.

So I am reaching out to people and organisations to start speaking, spread information. To educate people on how to pose yourself, stand in-front of the camera comfortably and what to do if you are the one behind the camera. The first part of these is the blog-series I’ve done called “Your Guide to Being Photogenic”.

I love helping people find confidence and through that have better photos of them.  In past lives I have done public speaking as part of a job in tourism, as scary as standing in front of a few hundred people is, I’m still keen to get back out there and do more.

But more than just speaking I want to reach out and help more people than I am right now, to partner with more women based organisations and give people confidence and understanding by learning more.

Call or email me to chat about how I can help you, and feature in your next meeting. And spread the word on self-confidence and looking good in front of the camera. I would love to hear from you