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A Generous Soul

This beautiful woman is Janette, and when she came into the studio we were looking to create not only stand out business portraits but also amazing personal portraits too.  She is a mother, grandmother, avid palates go'er and generous soul. She brought with her a gorgeous blue dress, that looks just amazing on her and the softest white faux fur shrug. She loved her pearl drop earrings, a family heirloom, but like many earnings one was lost. So with a little magic in photo shop we could re-create a full set to complete her image. 
I couldn't believe it when on her way out Janette gifted the beautiful shrug she brought with her to our studio wardrobe. I am so blown away by the kindness of your heart, I promise to take care and return it to you when requested. Thank you Janette, many ladies will now have the opportunity to look as amazing as you in fur.

Confessions of an obsessive compulsive creative

I am obsessive, I am compulsive and I love to create everything, you name it I've made it, deconstructed it or it's in the pile of plans that are unfinished.  This weekend I found an awesome foot stool at the local hospice shop, gorgeous Queen Anne legs and old fashioned green fabric. I took it home and the creative in me, grabbed the closest pot of white paint and next minute it had 4 coats and started looking amazing! 

I have a small love affair with furniture, especially when I can use it in my portraits. And just last week a client came in to plan her dream photo shoot, she wanted to style it very victorian. I can't wait to photograph her and use this dainty little stool in the session!