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Most glamorous real estate agents.

These three ladies are some of the most glamorous real estate agents, the beautiful Penny, Beth and Corinne. Together they are a power house of brains, personality, and experience and it was an honour to capture their new personal branding images. 
This is one from their more formal, dressy outfits and we did two more corporate options too. These ladies are going to amaze the coastal whangarei area 

A Generous Soul

This beautiful woman is Janette, and when she came into the studio we were looking to create not only stand out business portraits but also amazing personal portraits too.  She is a mother, grandmother, avid palates go'er and generous soul. She brought with her a gorgeous blue dress, that looks just amazing on her and the softest white faux fur shrug. She loved her pearl drop earrings, a family heirloom, but like many earnings one was lost. So with a little magic in photo shop we could re-create a full set to complete her image. 
I couldn't believe it when on her way out Janette gifted the beautiful shrug she brought with her to our studio wardrobe. I am so blown away by the kindness of your heart, I promise to take care and return it to you when requested. Thank you Janette, many ladies will now have the opportunity to look as amazing as you in fur.

Standing out from the crowd

I love talking to other women in business, finding out what makes them tick, and how they approach things. This beautiful women showed me how to stand out from the crowd and make sure you get seen as the go to person above everyone else that is doing the same as you.
Debbie from Debbie Oliver-Lloyd Real Estate came in for her professional portraits with all her outfits in a beautiful bright almost neon salmon colour. I love that she was thinking outside the box. Not only is this one of her favourite colours, no other real estate agent markets themselves with this colour, most are in corporate black & blue etc. Thank you Debbie for asking me to create your professional portraits and teaching me that we all need to stand out in this busy market-place :)

Will Your Prints Last a Lifetime?

Images spark memories of the ones we love and those we’ve lost.

Everyone who has ever lost a loved one will tell that their portraits, snap shots and photographs are the most important, if not only thing they have left of that person. 

They are priceless reminders that start stories, bring tears and share memories of everything they meant to us. Photographs are important and need to outlast us; to hand onto those that we leave behind, our children, grandchildren and future generations.

With the rise of mass produced digital prints, so many photographs produced today don’t last more than five years let alone a lifetime. Too many people go to look at their photos for memories only to find them faded, peeling or cracked. Poor quality, budget products (papers and inks) result in cheap photographs that aren’t going to last as long as you want them too. This is a sad truth, but many of the fast-turn around kiosk printing stations use cheap products in order to offer you a cheap price point. 

I believe that this is just not good enough. As a professional photographer I have searched far and wide to find the best products to ensure your portraits last. We currently use to print all our portraits, ensuring they come with the archival label. The term Archival is used to refer to anything that is rated to last in excess of 75yrs. As one of my clients you deserve Museum Quality, you deserve to know that your professional portraits will outlast you.

Researching the best suppliers and ensuring they give the best quality means that I can personally guarantee all our prints, folio boxes and even our packaging will last a lifetime. 

If anything you receive from us does not live up to this lifetime guarantee we will replace it no questions asked.

Professional Service, Professional Quality, Always.

Life must be enjoyed...

Last week we meet the lovely Trish, who knew exactly what she wanted and we were the people to give her just that!
Between her and her very funny friend, we were laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. Thank you ladies for showing us that above all life must be enjoyed.