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Confessions of an obsessive compulsive creative

I am obsessive, I am compulsive and I love to create everything, you name it I've made it, deconstructed it or it's in the pile of plans that are unfinished.  This weekend I found an awesome foot stool at the local hospice shop, gorgeous Queen Anne legs and old fashioned green fabric. I took it home and the creative in me, grabbed the closest pot of white paint and next minute it had 4 coats and started looking amazing! 

I have a small love affair with furniture, especially when I can use it in my portraits. And just last week a client came in to plan her dream photo shoot, she wanted to style it very victorian. I can't wait to photograph her and use this dainty little stool in the session!

It's the little things...

I am so excited, letting out little squeals, talking way too much about it! This week I have been playing with our custom made wax seal stamp. Just for all our gorgeous clients I've been creating beautiful gold seals to package your stunning portraits in. Think charcoal wrapping paper, satin ribbon, tissue and a gorgeous gold seal to top it off. Now your prints will be as gorgeous outside as in.