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I'm releasing beautiful new products in Jan 2017

It's time to re-invent ourselves, we're going super luxe and glaming it up. I have sourced some of the most beautiful new products to bring to you, my incredible clients. Released Jan 2017.
All folio boxes are being upgraded to the 'Black asahi silk bound clamshell with a ribbon closure' and I will be offering add-ons including; vintage and standard framing, duplicates and custom cards.
A few more pieces of the puzzle to put into place but I can't wait to show you them in person xx
Which one do you like most?

What I find myself doing in my downtime... creating more beautiful

Confessions of an obsessive compulsive creative.  
Last week I found some beautiful, albeit dusty, cream faux flowers at a second hand store. And I dug out an old empty ink cartridge, broke it open, added it to a bowl of water. And started dipping. 5min and some pink stained fingers later, their looking fantastic.  
I can't wait until I can use them as a head-dress or shoulder piece or even pinned to an outfit. I simply love transforming things :)

It's the little things...

I am so excited, letting out little squeals, talking way too much about it! This week I have been playing with our custom made wax seal stamp. Just for all our gorgeous clients I've been creating beautiful gold seals to package your stunning portraits in. Think charcoal wrapping paper, satin ribbon, tissue and a gorgeous gold seal to top it off. Now your prints will be as gorgeous outside as in.