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I did it too.... (I did the fidgeting, the nervous smile and the fake laugh)

It's feels strange to be the one sitting in front of the camera. Taking direction and smiling sweetly. But I want you to know that I'm so happy I did it, I love this photo. This image alone will pick me when I feel down and in years to come I can look back and say that was me.

That at this point in my life I have smile lines, camera lines (must remember not to squint when shooting), you can see my birthmark, my smirk and my crocked nose. There's the back drop that took me 5 hours and two stiff knees to paint. One single photograph can create so many stories. This is me, as I am today, things will change, I will change. But I know looking back I can say I am PROUD OF WHO I AM. 

I'm releasing beautiful new products in Jan 2017

It's time to re-invent ourselves, we're going super luxe and glaming it up. I have sourced some of the most beautiful new products to bring to you, my incredible clients. Released Jan 2017.
All folio boxes are being upgraded to the 'Black asahi silk bound clamshell with a ribbon closure' and I will be offering add-ons including; vintage and standard framing, duplicates and custom cards.
A few more pieces of the puzzle to put into place but I can't wait to show you them in person xx
Which one do you like most?

So much white space...

It has been three months in the waiting, 3 weeks in the move and setting up and years in the dreaming but I am so happy that it has happened. My beautiful new space at 3/5 Rust Ave is complete and I couldn't be more proud. 
A grand hair and make-up space, legacy wall of vintage frames, curtain divider for privacy, wardrobe of sequins and lace and gigantic windows with beautiful light. I have barely spent anytime at home this week because I just don't want to leave. 
A little bit more signage to addd : 'Open by Appointment Only' along with the coolest swing sign in town and it's complete!

Life Skills Patrol Interview

A few weeks ago I was very flattered by being interviewed by Wayne Roycroft of the life skills patrol fame. Wayne reaches out to people in the community and produces short interviews with them, asking invaluable questions that may help youth and young people with life skills. I am very grateful to be part of this and I hope everyone that watches it gains something from it. 

Published on Jun 12, 2016

Would you love to get good at photography? Would you like to make money from it? It's not as easy as figuring out how to use a camera. Sarahlee from Sarahlee Studios finds "your beautiful" and captures it photographically. She has studied photography to diploma level, how models do their job so that she can coach her clients (who are not trained models but do still have any number of "model-shots" in them worth capturing) and learned how to direct her clients skillfully so they show their best to the camera, and is also rapidly becoming an expert in running not just her business but, technically, any business she cares to run by learning how to correctly systematize her photography business optimally. She knows it will take more than a diploma to be successful and she will be successful. FInd out how she is doing it here.