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I want that!

This incredibly lady is Marlene, mother of five, and beautiful woman. She came into our new studio today at 3/5 Rust Ave to capture her glamorous side. I always ask what images of mine she is drawn to and Marlene said she loved this "one, that one and I quiet like the one with the light background". 
I love doing this set-up, I call it the "backlight". It's ethereal, care-free, feminine and just just breathtaking. And I got to create a one-off couture gown, (from fabric, ribbon, flowers and trusty safety pins) just for her.  

If you have seen one or more of my images; would love to do it but don't have the right clothes, or not sure if you can pull it off. TRUST ME, you can do it, I will show you how and together we'll make you look unforgettable. Like Marlene...


Yes, there are two versions of this image. Part of the magic that happens to every image includes colour grading, taking what comes out of the camera and turning it into a work of art. And this time I just couldn't choose. I love both, I know you will too.