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Standing out from the crowd

I love talking to other women in business, finding out what makes them tick, and how they approach things. This beautiful women showed me how to stand out from the crowd and make sure you get seen as the go to person above everyone else that is doing the same as you.
Debbie from Debbie Oliver-Lloyd Real Estate came in for her professional portraits with all her outfits in a beautiful bright almost neon salmon colour. I love that she was thinking outside the box. Not only is this one of her favourite colours, no other real estate agent markets themselves with this colour, most are in corporate black & blue etc. Thank you Debbie for asking me to create your professional portraits and teaching me that we all need to stand out in this busy market-place :)

Life must be enjoyed...

Last week we meet the lovely Trish, who knew exactly what she wanted and we were the people to give her just that!
Between her and her very funny friend, we were laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. Thank you ladies for showing us that above all life must be enjoyed.