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The ultimate question... What to wear?

One of the first questions people think when preparing for their photo-shoot is

What am I going to wear?

Don't worry, I'm here to help you every step of the way. At your personal in-studio consultation we'll talk about what style of photography you like; traditional, fashion inspired, feminine, dance styled, retro, loving, casual, full glam.
You name it we'll make it happen. 

Outfits are styled around the look you want...

Dance styled; bring in something with lots of fabric thats twirl worth.


Casual; bring in jeans, singlet, summer dress or chunky knit jersey.


Or you could see what we have in our studio wardrobe...
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Glam; cocktail dresses and full length gowns look amazing...

Be proud of what you love...

On first day back for 2017 we photographed the amazing Jay and her lovely hubby Dave. I meet her at the Annual Wings Pamper Day and found out all about her special wedding and their shared love of motorbikes. Along with her native american themed wedding gown (so beautifully unique it's a story/blog all in itself), one of the other outfits she brought with her was a very heavy, very authentic, handcrafted, leather motorcycle jacket. Their love for motorbikes will now always be proudly seen in her portraits and I'm so grateful to capture this for them.

It is so wonderful to see every client's special outfits, hear the stories behind them and create portraits that are timeless and unique. Just like the gorgeous people I work with.
If you have an outfit that's a little different, something special, that you love and want to be photographed in I'd love to hear about it, call me and we can chat about how you want to be photographed...  027 459 7280