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My Mother, Father and Me.

We create hundreds of photos of our family when the are young and then they grow up, have their own life, their own kids and photographs are forgotten. This weekend Chantelle pulled her lovely family together; herself, mother, father and two teen sons. All of them as welcoming and heart warningly friendly as her. It was so amazing to capture images for them that will last for another three generations

Four Girls One Family

Transformations are something amazing, to see what happens when we add a little hair, make up and styling. Direct them into a flattering pose and watch the light shine out from them. 
The beautiful family below are Sarah, Leann, Gaynor and Joce. And together they are a barrel of laughs and love. It was such an amazing day to capture them and I'm in love with their images. Aren't they incredible?

Family photos that span four generations

The beautiful family below are three of seven that came into the studio last week to capture four generations of their beautiful family with incredible family photos. From great-grandparents to a gorgeous baby girl. And this family is one of so much fun, laughter and love. To capture images for them that I know will be passed onto the next four generations fills me with so much joy. It is such an honour and I'm dying to show you them all x.

Your First Family Photo...

This morning we got to create the first family photos for this gorgeous family. Meet Ashley and Parker. Dad Bejay was behind the camera for this one, making the little guy smile. And his smile melted our hearts. I know that when you come in to see your images you are going to love them all. 

If you want to create your first family portrait, or the last time you had the family together was when they were this small. Call me to capture the smiles, laughter and love you share....

18+50= Forever

The lovely Crawford family came to me to create beautiful adult family photographs of them, something special before their children left home. It also co-incided with their daughter turning 18 and dad reaching 50, so it was an extra special moment to capture forever.

 Life often passes us by so quickly that before you know it everyones grown up about to leave home, and you've just reached another milestone birthday. It's important to stop and look every now & then to create memories for later. Whether thats photographs, a special event or doing something out of the ordinary. Treasure those closest to you and enjoy every moment.

p.s. the guys joined us after the girls had finished being pampered with hair and makeup :P

Before they leave home...

These two beauties are one half of a wonderful family, Rachelle and Haylee. I love giving the girls some pampering, hair makeup outfits and smiles, time out by themselves before the boys join us. And this beautiful family was so much fun and laughter, I loved the co-ordinate outfits that mum brought.

Do you have any family photos with your grown children, something to hold onto before they leave home?

Thank you Rachelle for introducing me to your family, I'm looking forward to your reveal when you get to see them all !

Before and After

A few weeks ago we got to photograph this island beauty, Ili and her very lovely family came into the studio to create an adult family portrait. Like many people, their family is spread between a different countries and the time they do get to spend together is precious.

I am so excited to show you this beautiful, kind and friendly woman, thank you Ili for allowing me to capture your loved ones and 'find your beautiful'.