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Best way to celebrate an Anniversary

This week the beautiful Lynne and her husband Andrew came into the studio to capture beautiful couples shoots. Like so many of the people I photograph they had a very low key wedding and now want images that showcase their love. 
This is one of the images we created of her individually, alongside the couples shots. 

I absolutely loved working with you Lynn, and I can't wait to show you the rest :)

Something Soft & Beautiful

Today we captured the lovely Sue and her husband Garry. We did many photos of them together, but this was a special one just for sue. I love the softness and that little smerk she has.

Sue had so many ideas for her shoot, there was no lack of inspiration. We did something light, something day, something dressy and something denim. The best part for her handsome hubby was he got wear his trademark shorts and jandals. 

This gorgeous styled portrait is a look I love to do with all ladies, we have the outfit, the flowers, the hair and makeup.... All we need is YOU. Are you up for it?

3 Tips on How to Get Great Photos Together

Was the last time you had your photo taken with your loved one at your wedding? 
If you said yes you are not alone, most people (men and women) shy away from the camera to a certain extent. But you shouldn't! It is important to capture the loving relationship you have with each other. Something that makes you both look good, but that can be easier said than done. So Here are some tips to help you get great photos together...

  1. Get cosy; most cameras make things look a lot further apart than they are in real life so snuggle up. 
  2. Make sure you are at two different heights; tip toe or squat so that you are not exactly the same height as you partner, it'll make the images more interesting.
  3. Wear similar colours or tones; this will minimise the attention on your clothes and keep people looking at your beautiful smiles.
Recreate your wedding portraits

Earlier this week I got to photograph this beautiful lady and handsome man. Karen and Quenton came into the studio to capture images of themselves and the love they share. Like so many people they didn't get to capture everything they wanted at their wedding in terms of photos so they brought in her dress, he borrowed a suit and together we recreated wedding portraits for them.

I absolutely love this, did you get all the wedding photos you really wanted? Would you like to do it again and capture more beautiful ones?