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Spark for Life

I love meeting, talking with and photographing everyday women. To spend a day with one woman, get to know her and bring out the fire and spark the hides within. And Tracey is one woman whose spark is contageous. Her love for life and people is incredible.

My Mother, Father and Me.

We create hundreds of photos of our family when the are young and then they grow up, have their own life, their own kids and photographs are forgotten. This weekend Chantelle pulled her lovely family together; herself, mother, father and two teen sons. All of them as welcoming and heart warningly friendly as her. It was so amazing to capture images for them that will last for another three generations

A Mother, A Beauty and A Goddess

Laurel is an amazing women someone who calls herself just a mum but is so much more. She is a gorgeous soul, with an incredible smile and is on an amazing self care journey. We all feel torn between kids, work, life, housework and as women we put ourselves last. Sacrificing our own happiness or health for everyone else's. 
But I preach don't forget yourself, if you are happy in life within yourself your happy with life outside. Sometimes you need to remember you are the most important person to you... like Laurel did.

take time to do what makes your soul happy
— Sarahlee
Four Girls One Family

Transformations are something amazing, to see what happens when we add a little hair, make up and styling. Direct them into a flattering pose and watch the light shine out from them. 
The beautiful family below are Sarah, Leann, Gaynor and Joce. And together they are a barrel of laughs and love. It was such an amazing day to capture them and I'm in love with their images. Aren't they incredible?

Northland Portrait and Glamour Photographer

As a photographer here in Whangarei, Northland. I am so proud of the work I get to produce, the people I meet and the transformations I create. I love making portraits but I love glamour most. Not old school blur and feathers but modern magazine styled art, full of strength and elegance. 
I love the dress up, the make over, the smiles and here is mine. My before and after for you.

Best gift for a Mother

In my heart of hearts I believe the best gift a mother can receive is beautiful images of herself and her children. Sarah came into our studio last week and I am so glad she did. Not only did I get to meet her gorgeous little family but create images that I know will be passed down through the generations. 

It is so important that we come out from behind the camera to be with our children in photos and be photographed as individuals. 

When our children grow up and have their own little ones, they will look back and see the love, the beauty and the grace that is you, their mother.
— Sarahlee
May the beginning never end - maternity portraits

One woman, one bump and one wedding gown.  The beautiful Briar has such a strong feminine way about her; from her incredible red hair to her passion for delicate florals and lace. It was so inspiring to take her wedding gown, add a little wind and some billowing fabric (thank you to my special assistant Sharleen) And watch the magic that emerged from the back of the camera. 

This is just one of the many favourites I have from her shoot, and I'm so excited to show you how incredible the rest are too.

Family photos that span four generations

The beautiful family below are three of seven that came into the studio last week to capture four generations of their beautiful family with incredible family photos. From great-grandparents to a gorgeous baby girl. And this family is one of so much fun, laughter and love. To capture images for them that I know will be passed onto the next four generations fills me with so much joy. It is such an honour and I'm dying to show you them all x.

In front of the camera

On Saturday I was busy getting ready for an interview with Shirley Dulton for her tv and radio show. Thank you so much to my amazing make up artist Kasey George - Makeup Artist

I firmly believe that everyone should be photograph especially those who spend most of their time behind the camera. So it was my time to be made over have photographs and even do a before and after. I can't wait to show you.

Best way to celebrate an Anniversary

This week the beautiful Lynne and her husband Andrew came into the studio to capture beautiful couples shoots. Like so many of the people I photograph they had a very low key wedding and now want images that showcase their love. 
This is one of the images we created of her individually, alongside the couples shots. 

I absolutely loved working with you Lynn, and I can't wait to show you the rest :)

Your Birthday, Your Way.

On Saturday we celebrated and shared June's 85th birthday. This gorgeous and beautifully stylish great-grandmother was given the photo shoot as a present from her daughter Sharon, and they brought with them Leigh and Robyn. To create portraits of such loving, fun and beautiful ladies, was an honour. 
And they brought with them champagne, cheese, coffee, chocolate and a whole picnic worth of treats. An amazing day for all involved 

Stunning in Green

Peggy is such a gorgeous woman. And like so many of my clients said she had nothing to wear. Then she showed us this phenomenal green dress that's been hiding at the back of the wardrobe. It's often the outfits that you love but are not sure about any more, something that you might not wear in public that just look incredible in photographs.
And Peggy - you definitely look incredible!

Three Generations, one beautiful family

Three generations is so special to capture, many years of love and care, many different tastes, and so many laughs. The beautiful Wills family made time to come together (some all the way from auckland) to create images that will last. For them to keep, cherish and pass down to the next three when they come along. Thank you Mary, Megan and Melanie for a beautiful day together.

A time of change is always a great moment to capture. 

Last weekend we photographed the beautiful Sharon and her daughter Laura. I loved working with these two, they brought great outfits with them; something casual, something dressy and the most gorgeous black dresses. 
They came into the studio to create portraits together before Laura heads off to university next year. A great time of change is always a moment to capture. 
I can't wait to show you your behind the scenes video!

Giving back to family who give so much...

Maria is one of those people you can't help but just want to be her friend. Her laugh is infectious and her love for her family is unwavering. Always smiling, just being around her made my day.

Maria was gifted a voucher for a photo shoot with us from her lovely sister as a way to say thank you for all she has done for them, it was their way of giving back to her :) And I can't wait to show her all the images, she look fabulous!  Love the Red Lipstick, classic elegance!

Images that tell stories of their childhood

Yesterday was one of the loudest, wrestlingist, fun days. The beautiful Julie brought her two sons, Jamie and Caleb with her to create a family portrait. I love photographing family with boys their energy is just contagious and it never ends. And to see the way they look at their mother with love and awe is heart warming. 

If you have been hiding behind the camera, nervous to put images of yourself out there, I promise to take the best photos of yourself you have ever seen. Something you will be proud to hand down to your children, images that tell stories of their childhood with their amazing parents.

Girl Time First

Yesterday I welcomed into the studio Jenine, her daughters Jayna and Danielle and her husband Robyn. Having been decades since the last family photo, it was time to capture everyone and hang a grown family photo on the wall next to the one with them as cute toddlers. 

The girls arrived first full of excitement and jokes, ready to get pampered with hair and make up styling. Dad joined us after all the 'girl-time' was done and we were ready to start shooting. This image is from their first 'casual styled' outfit. I love seeing the connection and love in their smiles. 

As families grow up, the children move out of home, off to new towns and start careers of their own. It's important that we stop for a moment and cherish this stage of life.

A smile that lights up a room

Emma is one of those beautiful people whose smile lights up a room, who can bring out the fun and laughter in any situation. I loved photographing her and her husband Andy today in honour of their wedding anniversary. This image is inspired by another image of mine and I can't help but smile when I see the beauty in Emma's eyes. 
Thank you so much for choosing me to create your beautiful portraits and Happy Anniversary you two love birds 

A Sisters Bond

Sisters share a bond like no other, one full of fun, laughter, support and a little bit of cheekyness. And the Waldron sisters have it in spades, photographing them was so much fun that my cheeks hurt from all the laughter :)
Having recently been to the Napier Art Deco festival they came with plenty of beautiful sequin and fringed outfits. And we mixed and matched it with things from the studio wardrobe too. 
Thank you, Maureen, Leola and Wendy for asking me to capture such important portraits of your beautiful selves