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Partners in Crime

A mother and daughter bond is so special and when Tracey and Kensa came into the studio yesterday I knew we were going to have some fun :)
These ladies have smiles that fill the room with joy and shine brighter every time they look at each other. So sweet.
Not to mention Tracey has the most gorgeous long grey hair, just perfect to add some wind too and really look incredible.

You deserve to #existinportraits

Last week we got to photograph the beautiful mother and daughter duo of Barbara and Michaela. When chatting during their photoshoot they mentioned that Michaela had not had a professional portrait create since she was a young adult and Barbara had never had one at all. They are not alone, many of us are the same. 
Stop hiding behind the camera mothers, you deserve to #existinportraits. To have images you are proud of to give to the next generation and to have for yourself.

Outside your comfort zone...

Today we photographed the gorgeous mother/daughter duo of Wendy and Marisa. Not only did they come into celebrate Marisa's 11th birthday with a fabulous girls day out, but also to reconnect with a sense of self and let the confidence out. 

I honestly believe inside every woman is someone who deserves to look and feel like they are walking the red carpet. That in order to find self confidence you have to step outside your comfort zone, to challenge yourself to do something you secretly want to, but are not sure about. It's only when we get on the other side of those challenges that we can say YES we did it.

And these two did it! They did it with style, grace and a little bit of glitz.
Thank you ladies for allowing me to create such beautiful portraits of you xx

Three Generations

On Saturday we meet and photographed the beautiful trio of Robyn, Carolyn and Anna. I love capturing three generations, the time spent together is so special and these ladies just look amazing. To top it off they went out to lunch afterwards, looking like the most glamourous ladies in Whangarei!
Life moves so fast, we change, grow, have different tastes and move on. So capture today, capture your life story with those you love... — at Sarahlee Studio.

When was the last time you had a professional portraits create of you?

On Friday we got to photograph this beautiful group of ladies. Three daughters; Paula, Kim, Jocelyn and their lovely mum; Pat. They knew a friend who had images created by us and wanted their own for posterity. To spend an amazing day together and have beautiful images together and individually. 

I'm so glad these ladies came in and spent the morning with us, I can't wait to show you all your images. I know you'll love them x.

Half a World Away

Chistmas is a special time of year, a time when we get together with loved ones and celebrate each others company. 
For some people like the beautiful Viv, her mum Anne and sister Jen (who live in England) it is extra special because it happens so rarely. Even though they may be half a world away they all share such a wonderful relationship. 
Do you have someone coming home for a special occasion? A week or so together that you'd love to capture to look back on and cherish? Although we are finished for this year, we can take bookings for next Christmas, or through out the year if they're up for a birthday/anniversary etc, so call me now and let's start planning!

Together you are unstoppable
The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.
— Audrey Hepburn

The love and beauty that a mother and daughter share is something special, something unique, intangible and understated. 

Thank you Adelle and Ashlee for choosing me to capture you beauty, love and elegance. Individually you are both break taking in your own way, together you are unstoppable.

Exist in Photos...

Christmas and Birthday's, well any celebration really is the perfect reason to create memories and capture them. Especially of yourself and your children, you know what they say "year 1, 2 blink, their 10, blink again and their moving out of home, into the big world". I'm so happy when people take time out of all the rush, rush, tush to come in for family photos that include mum too.

Thank you Paola for choosing me to create images of your beautiful children, I know in decades to come that each of them (there are three in total) will cherish your photos and they'll spark memories of how amazing their mother truly is and will always be... #existinphotos

Time to catch-up

A Mother and Daughter shoot is such a special moment, time away from the world. Time out from work, study, family and the rest that life brings us. Time to catch-up with those that are usually in different parts of the country.

The beautiful Chris and her daughter Briar come into the studio this morning to create images of them together. A fun experience together before Briar went off to university again next year.

Thank you ladies for choosing me to create your beautiful portraits and thank you for telling me you love black and white. I first started learning photography in the darkroom, and thats where my heart is :)

Mother and Daughter Duo

Chris and Aafje are an incredible mother and daughter duo, not only because they have boundless energy and enthusiasm. But because they have a style and personality that is just amazing to photograph.

Every photo shoot with us includes multiple outfit changes and these girls brought in vintage 70's togs, floor length mustard coat, salsa dresses and ball gowns. Together we danced around in tulle and perfected what I refer to as 'the supper model stare'. I am so blown away by their images, it's going to be one of my all time favourite reveals!

Bond, James Bond

I love taking peoples ideas and running with them. If you have seen some of my images that you love let me know I can do that for you. Or if you want to recreate something like this mother and daughter trio I can do that too. 

Janett came in with her two beautiful daughters and had the idea of creating a James Bond themed shoot. So with their gorgeous gowns we aimed for fun, movie-esk, with a little bit of serious. 
And I just love the outcome, don't you?

would you like to style your shoot from your favourite story?

One day all your children will have is pictures of you...

I love photographing mothers and daughters, the connection, the smiles, taking time out just to enjoy each others company without the day to day stress that surrounds us. Something I think we should all do more of. 

This beautiful duo are Sarah and Katie, incredible ladies both of which have beautiful hearts. They wanted to capture images together before Katie is off back down to uni next year, something to have together and it was a great start to their girls weekend. 

Every mother and daughter shoot reminds me that...
"One day all your children will have is pictures of you. Make sure your in them. No matter what your hair looks like, you make up or your body, they won't care about any of that, they'll just want to see you. Do it for them." - Sarahlee
It's all about the mums

I love photographing mothers and daughters.

Most mums will put their daughters first as the one who is beautiful but the truth is it's all about the mums. I love taking women who politely hiding behind their daughters, and show them that they are gorgeous, elegant and breath taking too.

This week I got to capture the beautiful Carey and Casey, with my hair and makeup team of Kasey and Katherine, it was a bit of a tongue twister at times. But thank you for putting up with my moments :p

What is your legacy?

Because when we're gone all we leave behind are memories and photographs. You deserve to be proud of both.

Last month I photographed these beautiful ladies, it was the second time I had photographed Leslie and this time she brought her ailing mother with her. Living in two different places of New Zealand it is hard to feel like you get to spend enough time with loved ones. And as we get older, we are more aware of the fact that we won't be here forever. 
It is my honour to create beautiful legacy portraits for you, to hold onto, to cherish, because I know somethings are priceless.

Go on "Paint the Town Red"

I love taking someones ideas and running with it :)
Theses two beautiful ladies are Holly and Yvonne, it was Holly who arranged for them both to come in. Them had clear ideas of how they would like to be photographed and I love that they chose the backlight! (a photographic term where you look like and angle with sunlight shining out from behind you)

Would you like a girls day out? Why not spoil yourself completely with a late lunch or dinner at one our delicious eateries here in Whangarei, because you'll leave us looking FABULOUS!

21st in Style...

This weekend I got to photograph two beautiful ladies. We were lucky enough to photograph Sarah on her twenty first birthday. I loved her mum, Fiona's, idea of creating incredible images together to celebrate such an important part of her life. You both looked amazing and I know in a few years time these images will be priceless.

Do you want to celebrate your milestone birthday with an amazing experience and unforgettable images?

Before they leave home...

These two beauties are one half of a wonderful family, Rachelle and Haylee. I love giving the girls some pampering, hair makeup outfits and smiles, time out by themselves before the boys join us. And this beautiful family was so much fun and laughter, I loved the co-ordinate outfits that mum brought.

Do you have any family photos with your grown children, something to hold onto before they leave home?

Thank you Rachelle for introducing me to your family, I'm looking forward to your reveal when you get to see them all !

Like Mother, like Daughter...

These beautiful ladies are mother and daughter, they share such a special bond. Not only are they like peas in a pod but Francis and Maria also share the same job title, in the same industry. I love that.
And my favourite part was when Francis wore her wedding dress! 
Brides spend so much time finding the perfect gown so it's always special to get dressed up and wear your wedding gown again!
(but I'll make you wait for that one, it's a post for another day)

Beautiful Together

Last week we welcomed these beautiful ladies into the studio for an amazing girls day out. I love photographing Mothers & Daughters, the laughter, smiles and love that they share always brightens the studio and is so endearing. And Donna, Sandy and Lauraine were so much fun and talk about great minds think alike, they all had the same colour outfits. Awesome! 

I know you are going to just love your images, when you come back for your reveal!