Do’s & Don’ts to Show Off Your Good Points.

 Your Guide to Being Photogenic

If you have been following our guide to being photogenic series, you’ll know that we’ve been talking about how to stand, smile and act in front of the camera. These tips and tricks are designed to give you confidence when being photographed and take away some of the anxiety that happens when you’re in front of the camera.
This month I’m going to cover some simple steps on how to bring out your best points, and minimise the ones you would rather people didn’t notice.

1.     The hands have it;
When we look at a photo we subconsciously look to see what people are doing with their hands. What this means is that wherever you put your hands, this is where people will look. If you put your hands on our waist, people will look at your waist and this can emphasize how small your waist is. 

2.     Avoid this;
If you want to minimise something don’t put your hands over it. Sometimes we can want to hide some parts of ourselves, and instinctively this means we often place our hands over our body to hide it from the camera. This actually does the opposite, as mentioned above if our hands are there, then people will look there.

3.     All arms and legs;
Moving your arms and legs strategically can actually increase the hourglass shape you have. Whether you’re sitting or standing, crossing your arms and legs will create a curvier silhouette and therefore the illusion of a slimmer waist. All of this will stop the ‘boxy’ look that can happen if our arms are down by our sides. An example of this is shown in the images here.

4.     Think about where the camera is;
‘Camera Angle’ is a term that refers to the angle the camera views you. The important part to know about this is that what ever is furthest away from the camera looks the smallest. If you want to minimise your hips, lean slightly forward, which means your hips are further away and thus smaller.