Five tips to look better in photos this Christmas

We all have that relative that is snap happy, the teen that selfies everything including you, or your family only gets together once a year and you shouldn't avoid the camera. So I want to give you a few simple steps to look better in photos this Christmas. 

1. Sit or stand at 45degrees, that is slightly side on. At all costs avoid being square on to the camera, it makes everyone look broader especially if there is a group lined up together.

2. Chin forward and down, everyone of my clients hears this from me. Push your chin towards the camera and tip it down, this action slims the neck and helps to stop the dreaded double chin. Push it forward until it feels like it'll fall off.

3. Put the food down, no-one looks flattering with a mouth-full or half a face hidden behind a wine glass. So if you are aware of someone taking a photo, wait until they have finished to make sure you don't get caught unaware.

4. Keep up with the kids, if they move fast so do you. Rule of thumb with photographing children is their age equals the number of minutes you have to capture them. 2 yr old = 2mins before they've moved onto something else and you've lost their attention.

5. Relax, remember to breath and enjoy yourself. When you are nervous in a photo it shows, so focus on enjoying the time with loved ones and the memories you are creating. One of the greatest benefits of digital cameras is not only that we can see the result instantly but the unlimited number we can take. Just keep snapping until your happy with one :)