How to be photogenic... but what to wear

To date we’ve spoken about how to remove a double chin, look slimmer and taller as well as what to do with your hands during a photo. So with all that said and done the first question I usually hear is but what should I wear? 

There are so many choices out there it can be overwhelming to decide what looks best. So today I’m going to cover the basics to ensure you choose wisely if you know your going to be photographed. 

1. Fitted is always more flattering than baggy or flowy outfits. Because there is no movement in a photo, wearing something baggy/flowy will look boxy when captured. If you cannot see someone’s silhouette, your brain will imagine that the person spans the width of the clothes. 

2. Stick with whole or block colours. A busy pattern or print can draw attention away from your smile and towards the clothes themselves. This is especially so for really bright or really small designs. 

3. Think textures, they’ll make it look luxurious. Lace, large knits, sequins and tulle are all really pretty fabric textures that photograph well and can make you look fabulous. 

4. Make sure it’s clean and wrinkle free. You may think it’s not noticeable but even the smallest details show up in photographs. And once the pictures taken you can’t iron the creases out.

5. Go on get dressed up. There are so many photos of us in our casual everyday wear, so if you know you’ll be around someone with a camera, dress up and look the best that you can be! 

Sarahlee Cobb